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About Crystal Lightning

About the Company

Crystal Lightning is an Information Technology company started by Kevin Garnett (formerly of Garnett Consulting). We are pleased to report that we are rapidly gaining national recognition for our ability to create insightful enterprise solutions; design highly functional and diverse web applications; rapidly diagnose and fix applications that are performing poorly at a critical level; and build robust database applications that respond intuitively, effectively and efficiently to each client's individual needs and specifications.

Propelled by our growing reputation as a company that consistently delivers insightful creative solutions, and facilitated by our superior customer support and dedication to client satisfaction partnered with our firm commitment to bring in projects on time and under budget, we are already proving to be the company of choice for many time critical projects in the IT world.

Company Milestones

This section offers you a brief synopsis of and timeline for Cry stal Lightning's milestone events. We look forward to featuring your IT solution here!

Immunization Division, Department of Community Health, State of Michigan: Crystal Lightning is the technical expertise and driving force behind the award winning Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) application.

  • May 2001 - Initial release of the provider client module allowing providers to keep track of children's immunizations and immunization profiles via a web-client.
  • October 2001 - Release of the administration module allowing adminstr ators and State of Michigan users to maintain the MCIR through a web-client.
  • September 2002 - Release of the Batch reporting/queuing module provid ing the user the ability to request immunization reports for a group of children and retrieve the PDF document at a time of their convenience.
  • January 2003 - Release of the Transfer module providing the ability for the provider and health care organization to upload data and process errors with the web client.
  • October 2003 - Release of Phase 1 of the School Immunization Registry module to allow State of Michigan and Counties to utilize MCIR data in processing immunization data and obtain compliancy levels for their schools and school districts.
  • May 2005 - Release of Phase 2 the School Immunization Registry module to allow State of Michigan Schools to utilize MCIR data in processing immunization data and report compliancy levels for their schools and school districts.

Department of Community Health/Department of Information Technology, State of Michigan: Crystal Lightning was instrumental in defining the technical requirements and troubleshooting of the department's custom Single Sign-On system and application integration.

About Kevin Garnett

Having over 23 years experience in the IT industry and a dual major from Michigan State University in both Electrical Engineering and German Language and Culture, Kevin has obtained the unique ability to create insightful and intuitive web based enterprise applications.

He began working for Meridian Instruments, Inc as a software engineer in 1989. Within 3 years the company was twice voted one of the fastest growing companies in the State of Michigan. Kevin left Meridian Instruments in 1998 and became an Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator and Sun Microsystems System Adminstrator for the State of Michigan. His primary responsibilty was to support the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) as the production database/Sun Solaris adminstrator. Kevin left the State of Michigan to pursue a career with PureCarbon, Inc of California and helped propel its JobPlanet Application to award winning status.

After leaving PureCarbon in the Summer of 2000, Kevin returned to the State of Michigan and formed Garnett Consulting. It was at the State of Michigan that he was became the technology lead and J2EE web architect of the MCIR application.

Since its initial release in May 2001, the MCIR has continued to gain national prominence and overwhelming user acceptance from medical providers and health care organizations throughout the State of Michigan. As a result of the success of the MCIR application, the MCIR program staff and technology team, which was lead by Kevin Garnett, received national recognition at the CDC's 3rd Immunization Registry Conference. Here the MCIR won two out of three awards for outstanding growth in provider usage and superb protection of the children of the State of Michigan.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to have the opportunity to provide your business with the IT solution that is ideal for you.

Oracle Certified Professional

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